My Friend — Bargain Hunter and Fellow Dreamer…

  Hunt  Shop  Find  Buy  Browse  Scrounge  Sift  Treasure

My Friend is an avid consignment and thrift store shopper.

Some of us like to take a break by going for a walk, playing with the dog, reading, or drinking wine…  My Friend likes to relax by looking for Bargains.  She said that she has done this her whole life. Lately, she is so busy and stressed, you would think that she would have no time for shopping.  However, she says it’s gone the the opposite way: she fits in time here and there because she needs a break from her responsibilities.  It’s relaxing and therapeutic.

She’s not a hoarder though (I have my own problems with this and have seen That Show, so I feel qualified to judge).  She sells things for profit.  She also donates things when inspired.  She has a soft spot for children’s books and often rehomes them.

We talk of starting various businesses related to this.  We could find and refinish furniture.  Or frames.   We could make art or artsy collections.   I could help her list things.  And so on with the Dreams and Excuses.

DIY  Home Business  Shabby Chic  Upcycle  Plucky  Entrepreneur  Repurpose  Transformation


My Friend Gretel…

My Friend had a medical appointment yesterday. She went through the routine: “check me in, take my vitals, sit me down to wait in the small office.”  But as she sat there waiting for her physician, she noticed she had some crumbs on her chair and on her clothes.  What?  In those few moments, as she hurriedly dusted herself off, embarrassed, the possibilities flashed through her mind. 

Yellow cookie crumbs.   It is Girl Scout cookie season.   When was I eating Trefoils?  WAS I eating Trefoils?  Were they in my pocket?  In my car seat? Did my kids put them there? Did we PAY for them?

She glanced at her pocket to look for more crumbs or cookies.  She had one foot kind of tucked up under her other knee, and, as she shifted in her seat, she noticed a shower of crumbs coming from her shoe.  The heel was disintegrating into … yellow crumbs.  The cute shoes she had found at a consignment shop must have been older than she thought  — probably baked in the sun or left in a hot car or …

The doctor came in.  My Friend brushed away the the thoughts with the crumbs, and she got to the real business of the appointment.

After she was done, she looked at both of her shoes.  Both heels were crumbling, and one heel was nearly gone.  Ah well, she got dressed and left the exam room.

There was a very slight trail of crumbs, tracing her path into the office, and now guiding her out again.


I have a Friend who…

I have a Friend who has a crazy life.  It is full of ups and downs, and twists and turns – Ordinary Life, for sure, but SO MUCH OF IT and ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

We talk about the small “d” drama. And I laugh or wince – A LOT. 

I am always telling her that she should write her stories down. “You should blog.” Of course!

And I have been saying that for a LONG time.

I have finally decided that her life really is too crazy for her to take the time to blog.  Idea? I’ll write them down for her.  Well, really for me – it’s my blog, right?

Immediately I have discovered two Seemingly Momentous Issues.

  • SMI #1:  It’s not that easy to START to blog.  It’s more BLOCK than BLOG.  But I have pushed on her enough that I am embarassed not to try it myself. So start.  Or at least start THINKING about starting.
  • SMI #2:  I am not, nor have ever been, a Writer.

I have thought about these things, and I have discussed them with my Friend.  I think this is the answer, probably discovered by many bloggers.


This is not literature.  It’s therapy.